Gina Ashlyn (all_hail_her) wrote in pink_as_sin,
Gina Ashlyn

lipstick-red seconals

hi everyone i just joined! my name's gina i'm 17 from "philly" where jackie used to live, i feel as though me and Jacqueline Susann have alot in common one is which we both smoke alot i hope i dont die of cancer hehh

anyway,valley of the dolls is my bible and i LOVE neely o'hara she has become my little obsession on the side.

lots of love.
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Hi! I've seen you in deadjournal, but am unable to comment in your journal because its blocked. Anyway, I added you to my friend's list (distorteddave), and I wanted to tell you that we have Jackie community that I started in deadjournal called shadow_of_dolls .

Do go and check it out!