"The Truth About Diamonds"

I got Nicole Richie's novel for Christmas (yes, I asked for it) and this is my justification:

It's a modern-day "Valley of the Dolls." There are thinly disguised charachters and a thinly disguised plot. Add to the comparison that it's not astoundingly well written... yeah.

Has anyone read it? I'm only a chapter in, and it's deliciously gossipy so far! <3

Jacqueline's Last words...

I was checking up on a famous last words website this morning with a friend of mine and we searched for what Jackie might have uttered before she died. Before she slipped into a coma and succumbed to cancer in September of 1974 Jacqueline Susann's last words to her husband Irving were reportedly:

"Let's get the hell out of here, Doll...."

Jackie was cremated and placed into a unique urn in the shape of a book with her name "Jacqueline Susann" and her dates on it.

I'm not sure whatever came of the book urn but I assume it must've been buried with irving.
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Hello all

Hi! My name's Cal. I'm a 15 yr old guy. I love classic movies. I have two idols. One is Joan Crawford and the other is Jacqueline Susann! I love Jackie! I found her when I was in the sixth grade. And in seventh grade I kept talking to everyone about how great she was! I loaned two people VOTD. And also had one of my copies confiscated by the teacher! Anyway I hope to make some Jackie friends here and such. Right now I'm reading "Lovely Me". Oh and I've read all of Jackie's books except "Every Night Josephine!" and I own them all except "Dolores".

shadow of the dolls

I read "Jacqueline Susann's Shadow of the Dolls" which is supposed to be part two of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.
It was based on notes written by Jackie before her untimely death. She was never able to start or finish it but another writer took the notes and ran with it... GOOD GOD! too bad she didn't hit a tree along the way...

Ugh! some parts were terrible...and the idea of Lyon settling... well I don't want to give too much away just incase someone wants to read it.

I didn't like it very much. But it was better than nothing...
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