Kari (petiteflamme) wrote in pink_as_sin,

Hi everyone, I've just joined, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm Kari, I'm 23 and from New Zealand. I've just recently found 'Valley of the Dolls', after spending literally months searching for it in second hand book shops. I just finished it yesterday. Some bits of it I liked, other bits I didn't. Neely is such a bitch!!!

In looking for 'Valley of the Dolls', I also found 'Dolores' a few months back. I didn't really enjoy it all that much, I can't remember exactly why that was now..have read so many other books since, I guess.

Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye out for more of her books, but it seems they are pretty scarce in these parts.

Ok, well that's me for now! :-)
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the third time I read VotD I started to apperciate Neely much more. Anne is up tight, I just cant like her to much. And of course there Jennifer but shes not very substantial...

Have you looked for Once Is Not Enough. I liked that one alot.
Yea Dolores wasn't as grand as her other books. Though it is good I'll give it that. Keep in mind that Dolores was published after Jackie's death. In doing so various editors had taken out alot of material and content which gave Jackie's novels their flare, and replaced it with other material written by popular ghost writters at the time. Essentially what we're looking at here is like only like 40/60% of how jackie intended that book to be. To this day I wonder if her original manuscripts to Dolores survive and if they could be restored to it's original story.