Jungle_Red (jungle_red) wrote in pink_as_sin,

Hello all

Hi! My name's Cal. I'm a 15 yr old guy. I love classic movies. I have two idols. One is Joan Crawford and the other is Jacqueline Susann! I love Jackie! I found her when I was in the sixth grade. And in seventh grade I kept talking to everyone about how great she was! I loaned two people VOTD. And also had one of my copies confiscated by the teacher! Anyway I hope to make some Jackie friends here and such. Right now I'm reading "Lovely Me". Oh and I've read all of Jackie's books except "Every Night Josephine!" and I own them all except "Dolores".
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I really like "Dolores"!

"..Josephine" is cute, but not as trashy and fun.
have you read 'Yargo'?
yes! I didn't think I'd like that as much as I did...have you? did you like it?
I wouldn't have founded pink_as_sin unless I read all her works. I'm a Susannist to the heart! I loved Yargo because it was like reading Jackie's philosophy on what a perfect utopian society should be like. After I was done I was like (Sets up Jackie shrine with candles flowers and inscence and offerings of drugs, pornography and alcohol, bows before with other followers) The Leader! *all in unison, chanting* "Talent, Jealousy, Ambition, Self-Destruction... MAY NEVER PATTERN BREAK!......one of us, ONE OF US!"

HA yeah when I started it I thought it was going to be a campy read and it is a bit but I still enjoyed it immensely
I loved Yargo because it just showed how much of a true artist she was. I hate when people say that she what she wrote was trashy......it wasn't it was art. Glamorous art at that. And I also loved Yargo because it really did show the philosophical side of her, and its a pity its not in print anymore. The things that she wrote about society are surprisingly still true to this day. It also showed how eclectic of a writer she was. She could do anything from dramatic fiction to science-fiction/fantasy.
oh totally. I know what you mean. I mean I don't see VOTD as trashy at all, I see it as well...I guess the only way I know how to describe it is as....truth. It's just truth and it's not just truth about show business it holds a lot of truth for other things as well. And that goes for the rest of her books as well, I was just using VOTD as an example.
sometimes I wish I were still in high school so I could write essays on stuff like this. Unfortunately in college I've only been able to allude to Jackie a few times. But I practically graduated on Jacqueline Susann essays. She was the whole reason why I passed the MCAS.