kuchibenne (kuchibenne) wrote in pink_as_sin,

"The Truth About Diamonds"

I got Nicole Richie's novel for Christmas (yes, I asked for it) and this is my justification:

It's a modern-day "Valley of the Dolls." There are thinly disguised charachters and a thinly disguised plot. Add to the comparison that it's not astoundingly well written... yeah.

Has anyone read it? I'm only a chapter in, and it's deliciously gossipy so far! <3
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interesting comparison.

I've heard of it and I thought about reading it because its Nicole Richie I just don't know if I care to contribute money to pop culture. But the cover amuses me.

I find it also amusing that you say that the characters are thinly disquised so its likely that you can guess who's who, but its also amusing that she has herself modeling as the assuming main character on the cover of the book. Its like Ya thats not obvious.
what's actually pretty lame is that Nicole herself is like the narrator. she's "friends" with this girl exactly like herself: short, petite, adopted by famous parents at age 7... you get the idea.

and yeah, i would never have paid for it myself, at least not in hard cover. but as a christmas gift, it was better than cashmere socks or something random!
it will make for something good read when you cross back over the Pacific