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HENRY: "Valley of the Dolls...kinda sounds like a children's book, doesn't it?"
DEBBIE: "No, Henry, dolls are pills."
HENRY: "Okay, then, a very cool children's book."

JACKIE: [talking to God] "All I want is for my son to be proud of his famous mother. Then...ding-dong! Who's there? Why, it's cancer! I get goddamned fucking breast cancer! What happened? Were you bored? Did you have a bad day? Did you decide that Jackie Susann hasn't had enough shit in her life lately?!"

MICHAEL: "Miss Susann, your manuscript, as it stands, is nigh unto incoherent."
JACKIE: "And that's bad?"

IRVING: "It's wonderful! It's like Madam Bovary--"
JACKIE: "Name a real book!"
IRVING: "It's like...Gone With the Wind..."
JACKIE: "Like the movie? You mean, this is a book that could win an Oscar?"
IRVING: "...Only filthy!"

MICHAEL: "Jackie, I got a telegram. It's from your publisher in England. They say, 'We cannot publish Once Is Not Enough unless you remove the profanity. Stop. Especially the word "fuck". Stop. Please advise. Stop.' What should I do?"
JACKIE: Send them a telegram. 'Dear England. Fuck you! Love, Jackie Susann.'
MICHAEL: "Stop."